The best Airbnb in Nebraska

When I plan our travel, I usually search for accommodations in one of two places—through the Marriott collection of properties (we are Marriott Rewards members) or Airbnb. We love Airbnb because it allows us to stay in more unique and personal homes or apartments, often for the same price as a hotel. While researching our trip to Colorado/Wyoming/Nebraska last fall, I stumbled upon what I’m happily referring to as the best Airbnb in Nebraska.

After visiting Colorado and Wyoming, I felt like we could squeeze in a quick trip to nearby Nebraska, and I began searching for things to do in the Cornhusker State. Due to time constraints, we were limited to exploring the Southwestern part of the state, and I quickly learned that there wasn’t a whole lot to do there. I was banking on finding a cool place to stay. In the end, our Airbnb stay wasn’t even about the accommodations—it was the experience.

Nebraska cornfield
Nebraska: hours upon hours upon hours of driving through corn fields.

Airbnb in Nebraska

Get away to Buffalo Creek Valley

One listing near the town of Gothenburg immediately caught my eye because of the low price tag (less than $50!). It was a room on a working ranch, that was once the workshop of the host’s great grandfather. I began reading 5 star reviews, one after another. People loved the hosts, Mary Lou and John. I quickly sent a request to book.

Arriving at the farm

We drove into Nebraska from Wyoming and made our way to the town of Gothenburg. We stopped at a grocery store to buy some items for a picnic dinner on the farm, which I insisted would be adorable (it was). It was our first time out of the car in several hours, and we were surprised at how hot it was! It had been in the 40s at Terry Bison Ranch that morning, and it was above 90 degrees at 5 pm in Nebraska. Brandon pointed out a tumbleweed rolling down the street.

Mural in Gothenburg, NE

When we arrived at our destination, Mary Lou immediately offered to give us a tour of the farm. She took us up to the top of a hill and we watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I have some work to do in the sunset photography department, so nothing I post here will even come close to how stunning it really was. Brandon took a little video with his phone, and you can hear how windy it was! A storm was rolling in.

Nebraska farm tour

Sunset in Nebraska

After dinner, I read for a bit and wrote in our travel journal while Brandon spent the evening killing and vacuuming flies. It was nice to again be without wifi or a television. But we also didn’t have any cell service, which made us both a little nervous. Spoiler alert: we survived.

Morning on the farm

I woke up before the sun and walked around the farm. Mary Lou offered to make us a hot breakfast. This is not standard for an Airbnb stay and was so kind of her. We eagerly accepted, and enjoyed talking with her and John over farm fresh eggs and veggies. It turns out that John has actually been to Winston-Salem before! We talked about Winston-Salem, our 50 in 5 plans, sustainable agriculture, their farm, basketball (Or football? I wasn’t paying attention for that part.), and the Moravian Church and christianity for over an hour. We were all trekking 4 hours back to Denver—for us to catch a flight home early the next morning and for Mary Lou and John to attend a sustainable agriculture dinner event.

Farm in Nebraska

Nebraska Airbnb
This is the entrance to our room. It was once Mary Lou’s great grandfather’s workshop. They renovated it when their son was a teenager so he had a place to hang out with friends.

Farm cats

farm dog

Nebraska farm


Hay bales

wildflowers in Nebraska

I will never forget the kindness of these hosts and how much it meant to me to spend a little time in a place that is in such stark juxtaposition to my day-to-day life. Mary Lou and John live in a remote area. They work long hours every day, managing their farm. They have what’s important to them, and nothing they don’t need. Mary Lou and John inspired me greatly and perhaps more than anywhere else we’ve traveled so far, I hope we’re able to return to visit them someday.

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